Belgium take No.1 Spot in FIFA World Ranking

Belgium take No.1 spot, Argentina overtake Germany to be the No.2, Spanish risen up to third and Germany falling to fifa 16 coins fourth. Belgium were as low as 66th in the ranking in 2009, so moving to the very top in the space of six years is a remarkable achievement.

Belgium has took over the No.1 spot in the FIFA World Ranking in November , after a moth, they keep their ranking and the points has went up to 1493.77 which means Belgium become the annual world first. To the young Belgium player, it is incredible to have such an amazing performance.

Argentina was ranking thrid in last period,but depending on the record in World Cup qualifier,they scored 1455.47 points in total.Spain ranked sixth in the previous period, the current rankings, rising 3 Matador Legion, also the world’s third highest ranking in Spain the year 2015.

Germany fell a lot, from the period of the second world came fourth, integration is 1347.15 points, it is worth mentioning that this is the lowest ranking in the Germanic legions year 2015, the first six months, Germany has dominated the world 1 position, now only in the first four ended in 2015.

Ranked 5-10 were Chile, Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, England and Austria. No. 14 missed the European Cup of the Netherlands, backpressure Italy qualify for the European Cup. Bell led Wales is ranked 17 in the world.

If you like the formation of the national team in FIFA 16, I suggest you buy enough FIFA Coins to create a Belgium Squad. Belgian players play for top European club teams are, and a lot of players are the team’s key players indispensable; most of the players are in the age 88 years, the peak period did not come, they can become in the next few years the European transfer market, a beautiful landscape.

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