The Week Team Features of FIFA 16′s New Year’s Eve Team

FIFA 16 has made Ultimate Team so popular that EA Sports is delivering another five players every week so that the community can have even more options, with players selected from all included championships based on their performance during the previous week’s matches.

2015 is ending and the development team EA Sports is delivering a final Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16 Coins, giving gamers a chance to pick up a range of new players who can augment their starting eleven and help them improve their performance against other humans.

The biggest stars of the New Year’s Eve delivery for the football sim are coming from the English league, with Kane and Diego Costa both included because of their recent performances. EA Sports has selected an attacking line made up of the two strikers from Tottenham and Chelsea as well as Shane Long from Southampton.

The midfield of the new Team of the Week includes Forestieri, Dossevi, De Bruyne and Shaqiri. The defensive line delivered for all fans of Ultimate Team features Jose Fonte, Gillet and Ebanks-Landell. The goalkeeper selected by EA Sports for the Team of the Week is Jack Butland.

Gamers also get a full complement of seven substitutes in the package, offering some interesting choices for all those who are looking for alternatives for some positions or simply want to see how they can improve the Chemistry of their team.

A special version of Cech is featured to celebrate the fact that he has broken the clean sheet record for the Premier League.

In December, the development team at EA Sports delivered a new title update for the experience that was designed to improve the physics system, make player placement on the field more accurate and make sure that referees make better decisions in the middle of important matches.

The company says that it is still looking at all the feedback posted by the players and that it might improve the FIFA 16 experience once again in late January or early February of next year.

At the same time, the company is looking to introduce a range of changes to team rosters based on the activity that major clubs plan to undertake during the big January transfer window to improve their capabilities.

EA Sports will probably also change the stats for players to better reflect their ability, especially for those who have performed better than gamers expected before the launch of FIFA 16.

To keep cheap FIFA Coins interesting, the studio might also run a few more major players events all through next year before it delivers an official announcement about the new installment, which will probably get the first details in late spring or right before E3 2016.

The Ultimate Team mode allows gamers to continue playing the football simulation until a new installment is launched and the developers have added some more variety by adding the new Draft experience, which plays faster and offers some interesting rewards.

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